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hot stone reflexology

Hot Stone Reflexology has arrived in Shenley, Hertfordshire!

Experience the ancient healing art of stone therapy. Feel the heat from the stones penetrating to a deeper level, allowing your body to feel more relaxed and bring balance to both your body and mind. The use of Hot Stone Reflexology has been known to show a reduction in stress hormones and adrenalin, increasing blood flow around the body.

This may help with increased circulation, increase elimination of waste products, relief of tension, relaxation of muscle tension, promotes relaxation, de-stresses (warming slows down the heart rate, relaxes inner organs, increases blood flow, boosts immune and lymphatic systems), increase action to fight infections. As well as being soothing, nurturing, comforting. Hot Stone Reflexology helps you feel secure, safe, and release all your tension and anxiety.

Try it for yourself with an introductory offer of 45


body and sole reflexology
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9 Shenleybury Farm Cottages, Shenleybury, Shenley,
Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7 9DL